in the woods…

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in the woods

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broom dancing

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Broom dances were clearly widely done in Cornwall as most of our informants made at least some reference to them even if they could not provide us with new steps. …           The music for the broom dances probably varied at whim, ……I must not forget to mention the dance over the Broomstick. …It’s fine when you hear the heavy boots beating a tattoo on the stone floors, as the dancers first lift one leg then the other, to pass the broomstick from hand to hand, as if they were weaving. What a wonderful time too. As the dance proceeds the musician plays faster and faster and the dancers have to dance faster. It is a marvel how these men, some big and well built, can jump so nimbly as they do in this dance…

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some nashville nights…

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Well, this week I’ve been trying not to get too attached to the $4000 of beautiful violin I’ve been lent to record on. Not easy when you’re spending 12 hours a day in a small box with only the lovely violin for company! Still, we have got round to having some time off. As well as sampling some of America’s culinary delights (not easy to be veggie here, they haven’t heard of vegetables), we went out on Saturday night to see Joe the studio intern’s band. They were great, called I Became The Sky, look them up. Standing in the bar, me and Jamie counted eight police cars, sirens blazing, scream past one way and then the other – we went outside to find the chase had culminated in the ‘gas’ station next door, and there were men with guns running around everywhere. We were getting quite excited about it all, until a bored looking local turned to us and said “Welcome to America y’all” – and then asked Jamie if he was gay because he must be putting on that English accent.

he next day we had a full day off and Craig very bravely lent us his car. Having navigated to Nashville, against all odds (no gears, wrong side o the road, and TORNADO warnings on the radio – seriously), we discovered that the amazing guitar shop we’d been aiming for was closed. The only sensible thing left to do was go on a pub crawl, since every bar had live music and cheap beer. Every bar also seemed to have “no guns” warnings on the door, but we’re choosing to believe that’s a tourist gimmick. We saw some amazing bands; although we were in the most touristy area and they were mainly playing standards, the quality was incredible. The only disappointment was that the whiskey was soooooo expensive! Last night Craig took me, Phil and Jake to a more tucked away area to see some friends of his play. The crowd was much more local and it was great to hear some more genuine Nashville music. Think we’re going to try and stay in for a bit now though, lots of recording to get done….hannahx

the day after the night before

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We played our first american gig last night , the sound was good, the crowd was good and the set was tighter then a cats ass. it was a bit trippy as we could smoke indoors and we were drinking harp lager.   we sat and chilled after enjoying the general ambience, giving us the chance to laugh at the over enthusiastic baseball fans yelling at the tv and jumping around, (frat boys) i think thats american for student.  The venue had a really good vibe and i belive a good time was had by all.   We visited STEAK N SHAKE on the way home twas a pretty badass triple steak burger.   Earlier in the week i found a bag of crisps so big it was an absolute mission.   I n the studio im using a G and L   five string fretless. its pretty sexy, apparently it was a mission to find in Nashville as every one just seems to use normal basses covered in frets.  So in short we played a short set which went down really well then we got drunk and smoked loads of cheap cigarettes, ate a really huge lump of dead cow, got home got more drunk, had an interesting apple then went to bed. there goes the first blog from the bass player. peace…………a bit

Monday Morning

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hello folks 🙂

turns out that the bright red bird mentioned in the last post is known as a ‘cardinal’ for the ornithologists amongst you. To give you an idea of the atmosphere here, there is a general calm and peace occasionally permeated with the sounds of Canadian geese on the lake, woodpeckers in the forest and freight trains somewhere off in the distance. and there is space,  lots and lots of space…

We had a run through the songs and a few beers last night and this morning we have been setting up the studio to run through and record the songs so we can then listen back and discuss the finer details of arrangement and recording techniques for the weeks ahead…

the sun is shining bright here today and during lunch we had time for a bit of American football and some music on the porch. Its one in the afternoon as I type, back to it now….  best wishes  T

1. five to One     2. Pabst blue ribbon beer     3. fine tuning     4.  drum set up      5.  volume     6.  pros at work; engineer Brian and co-producer Craig behind the desk       7. tunes on the porch      8. tunes on the porch      9. WILSON!!

Nashville Day One

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ok we made it to Nashville ‘Music City’ (They have guitars in glass cases in the airport) We survived the department of homeland security border guards. Whilst the rest of the band trembled under the interrogation, the questionaires (Are you a terrorist? Have you ever been a member of the nazi party between the years 1933 and 1945? etc) the fingerprinting, photographing, the searching…Phil went through calm and collected as it turned out the border guard was a dobro player and on seeing Phil’s dobro they had a good old chin wag about how he had met Jerry Douglas last week and some of the finer details of dobro playing…

today has been a day of setting up, food shopping and excitably unpacking the instruments we have hired.

the studio is in a quiet, picturesque location ( 30 mins drive from the city) with forest behind and a lake just over the road. there is a strange bright red bird outside the window hopping around amongst the leaves…

i am rambling now .. and when i sat down to type i suddenly realised how jetlagged i am so more tomorrow…..  t

1.alpha studios

2.view from porch of ‘Lake collonial”

3.porch complete with porchswing

4.control room room 1

6.Brian the engineer behind the desk

7.phil tries out the lapsteel